Pill Compact

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Wellness and beauty combined, the Pill Compact takes inspiration from the classic art deco era. She has a timeless design that redefines traditional pill boxes.

By herself, she is all class. Paired with the Pill Compact Purse + Wrist Strap (not included), the trio are unstoppable. Shop the Trio HERE.

+ Metallic gold + blush ABS

+ Two internal sections

+ Mirror

+ Clip closure

+ 3.3in D x 0.7in H

Dosey is designed to protect pills from light and moisture.

For optimal effect and quality, pills should be stored in a cool and dry place.

Always read the instructions for medication and vitamin storage.

TSA does not require passengers to have medications in prescription bottles, but states have individual laws regarding the labeling of prescription medication with which passengers need to comply.

30 Day Returns

Free CA Shipping $100+

Cruelty Free & Reusable

Customer Reviews

Based on 2462 reviews

Very nice small compact holder.


Not the room for pills I thought it would be. The box is very nice but bags for pills remind me of small zip lock bags.


I sort my supplements and medications every 2 weeks but., I didn't have enough room in my first travel box. I'm glad to have the larger box.


Only received 6 of the plastic packets for the pills.

Vicki M (Sydney Olympic Park, AU)

I have just returned from my first holiday using this and it was fabulous! I used it with the compact purse. It was easy to carry on in my handbag and the pills stayed exactly where they were meant to be. I used to carry all the separate boxes etc but not any more. I needed an extra day so I grabbed one of the pouches from the pill case and slid it inside the compact as well - it fit easily.

Thank you so much for the fabulous feedback! We're so glad you found a new travel companion you can bring anytime and anywhere!

Vicki M (Sydney Olympic Park, AU)
Finally Organised!

This has been great in not only helping me get all my medications sorted for the week in one go but also in reminding me if I have forgotten them one day as they are sitting in their pouch with the day labelled. I definitely recommend this!

That's fantastic to hear! Your meds are in good hands now – and no more 'oops, did I take that?' moments! Thanks a bunch for the recommendation!


So pretty and nice but doesn’t hold all the supplements I take daily. Just wish it was a little deeper.

Thanks for your feedback! We'll keep this in mind. 🙌

Amanda McAllister (Manchester, US)
So cute and convenient!

I love this case! Makes me smile every time I take my meds :) It fits in my bag, doesn't take up a ton of space on my side table, and doesn't pop open if I'm carrying it around with me. Only thing that I miss from my old (kinda crappy) case is that each compartment was covered separately so I could tip it over to dump out my pills for a single day into my hand without all the other days coming out but that's pretty minor and the positives definitely outweigh it!

Thank you so much for the lovely feedback! This was Honor's first go at a hardshell design, so she's excited to take on board this feedback for the next drop.


I love these items. Very sleek and organized

Thank you so much for the love! Sleek and organized is our jam! 🙌🏻