5 Reasons Why You Need a Dosey Pill Organizer

5 Reasons Why You Need a Dosey Pill Organizer

Jun 23, 2022Dosey Pty Ltd International

When setting yourself up for a feel-good day, it’s a treat to reach for a cute pill organizer. You’re busy, and you love to have it all planned out. So do we, and that’s why we’ve created a super stylish pill organizer to save you time during the morning routine and to make taking your daily dose a total delight.

With Dosey’s Pill Purses and Wellness Wallet, you can easily organize a week or fortnight ahead, protecting your pills from air, light, and humidity. They each consist of soft BPA-free pouches that nestle into an ethically-made vegan leather purse. They offer a convenient, less clunky, clutter-free approach to well-being. Keep it all together in style!

Here we’ve listed five reasons why you need a Dosey Pill Organizer in your life.

Dosey Pill Organizers are reusable and washing machine safe 

We promote healthy habits. That’s why we’ve made our purses and pockets super-resilient, keeping disposable items and trash out of landfill. A one-time purchase, our pill organizers can be used over and over, and in case they get dirty, they can be safely washed. 

With a foldable, streamlined design, it’s easy to keep your pill organizer clean and the pills out of harm's way. The purse, when folded and secured with a magnetic clasp, keeps out light, too. The purse itself can be wiped down and treated like you would any vegan leather product. The washing machine-safe pockets are sturdy with a tight seal, so your pills stay as fresh as possible even fourteen days down the track.

You won’t forget to take your pills & supplements 

Managing conditions and illnesses can be really hard, especially when there are quite a few different pills, medications, supplements, and tablets in play. Forgetting to take your daily dose is so common among pill takers, even though we all know how important consistency is for efficacy.

With such a stylish pill organizer, it’ll be easy to remember to take your pills and supplements. If it’s nestled in your handbag or sitting cute somewhere in the house, it’ll be a subtle reminder whenever you see your pill planner.

Better yet, it’s cute and convenient enough to be taken wherever, so you won’t have that moment when you remember it’s time to take your pills, but you’ve left them at home.

Dosey Pill Planners look cute and stylish

A Dosey Pill Planner will bring you much joy when health is your number one priority, you love taking good care of yourself, and you adore cute aesthetics and good design.

Our AM PM / 14-Day Pill Organizer, also known as the Wellness Wallet™, is a chic way to wrap up your health items. Not only does it store 14 days’ worth of pills, but it has a pocket designed for your health essentials, such as your medical scripts. The design is minimal and discreet, and it comes in colors of dusty pink, creamy latte, and black.

The 7 Day Pill Purse is designed for a week’s supply, but it can also fit other wellness essentials, as well as your keys and phone! Another sophisticated pill organizer available in the three signature colors, this is a smaller, convenient wellness solution.

Doesy’s AM Noon PM Pack is designed with the same look, but comes with an extra section for those who need to take pills three times daily. All of our purses, packs, and wallets come with the pill pouches included, and they sit tightly within the pill organizer without slipping.  

Dose up with your daily vitamins, pills, and supplements in the cutest way possible. Our Pill Purses and Wellness Wallets can also fit an EpiPen! 

Safe for the environment and sustainable 

Not only do our pill planners fit seamlessly into your life to improve your well-being and organization, but they’re made to last as a one-time investment. As mentioned, the washing machine-safe pouches are easy to remove, clean, and reuse, ready for another week or fortnight.  

The EVA plastic used is BPA-free and is made without nasty chlorides, heavy metals, and other toxic substances. Our gorgeous sustainable pill organizers are not only eco-friendly, but they’re made of super-soft and resilient vegan leather.

The person behind Dosey wanted to beautify the morning ritual, but in a way that didn’t cost the earth. 

Dosey Pill Organizers can be used for both pills and powders 

People take different pills for different reasons, whether it be for physical, emotional, or psychological balance. We’re in full support of you finding what works for you. It’s personal. So, if you prefer powders but struggle to store a portion on the go, a Pill Purse or Wellness Wallet will help you stay organized and up-to-date with your portioned powdered supplements.

Some people prefer to use powders over pills, and this may be because the body absorbs powders faster than pills. Once dissolved in liquid and consumed, it enters the body in a form that can be easily processed, maximizing the effect of the supplement ingredient.

Dosey Pill Organizers can be used for powders as well as pills, but we don’t recommend storing them in the same pouch at the same time. 

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By organizing your pills into one good-looking, neat, convenient organizer, you’ll feel like yourself again. Gone are the days of packing bulky pill packets and having bottles rattling around in your bag. 

It’s time to feel proud of how you look after your health with this beautiful essential. Take delight in it, and never miss a dose with Dosey. Shop for the pill organizer that works best for you today.

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