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5 Of The Best, Nicest-Looking Pill Cases You Can Buy

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If you’re trying to keep track of whether or not you’ve taken your medication --- especially if you have more than one prescription --- you know how important it is to keep all of those pills and capsules organized. A good pill organizer can help you manage your medications and make sure that you’ve taken everything you need for the day to stay healthy. 

But if you’re trying to find the perfect solution for your own pill planning, you’ve probably noticed something else: a lot of pill organizers are, to be frank, not very cute. 

Gone are the days where you have to settle for clunky, obvious, and unappealing plastic containers to keep your medications organized. We’ve rounded up some of the chicest, sleekest, and most aesthetic pill cases on the market by Dosey. You don’t have to sacrifice your sense of style or individuality to keep yourself organized and prioritize your wellness! 

5 Cute and Functional Pill Cases by Dosey

Dosey Pill Case

Beautiful, functional, and perfect for the organized and on-top-of-it! This pill case by Dosey covers all of your bases to keep your weekly pills organized and secure without sacrificing aesthetics or your own sense of individuality. The Pill Case is crafted with a combination of vegan leather and a velvet lining to hold all of your important medications in one beautiful package.

For ease and functionality, the Pill Case holds 7 Easy Slide Pill Pouches, each of which can fit up to 30 pills, so you can keep all of your week’s medications organized by the day and easy to reach. This sleek and functional case also comes in a variety of pleasing hues like Latte, Sage, Dusty Pink, Lilac, or Black so you can choose the perfect case based on your own tastes.

7-Day Pill Purse

This attractive pouch by Dosey makes organizing and taking your pills as chic and fashionable as you are. This purse comes with seven labeled pill pouches, each of which can hold up to ten pills or tablets. Think of it as that boring old plastic compartment pill organizer that you’re used to — but seriously upgraded. 

If you’re carrying around more medications than can fit into the 7-Day option, Dosey also has a 14-Day or AM/PM Pill Pouch. Use it to keep a full two weeks’ worth of pills organized, or separate your medications into morning and night to stay on top of it all. 

Pill Box

Sometimes, you just need a box that will hold all of your pills discreetly while blending into the rest of your decor or items in your purse. In cases like this, consider using the Dosey Pill Box! This attractive box is a subtle but attractive option for storing your medications. The Pill Box holds up to 15 pills depending on their size and adds a pretty and elegant touch to your daily routine. This option is ideal for people who only have one kind of pill they need to store, or for supplements and over-the-counter medications that aren’t time-sensitive.

Wellness Wallet

If you’re constantly on the go and need a solution that lets you keep your pills handy, the Wellness Wallet is the perfect solution! This travel-friendly case is a beautiful option for keeping your daily pills organized and on hand whenever you need them. The Wellness Wallet is made of vegan leather and comes in the same beautiful pastel-hued colors as the other Dosey products. It also fits perfectly into the Wellness Bag for easy transport no matter where you’re going. 

Wellness Bag

For a chic and beautiful option for carrying around all of your medications, look no further than the Wellness Bag. This sleek vegan leather bag is designed specifically to carry essentials like the Pill Box, Flask, and Wellness Wallet around with you, all in a chic accessory that works with all of your outfits. Never miss a medication again no matter how often you’re out and about.

Choosing the right pill case for you


The first (and arguably the most important) consideration to keep in mind while shopping around for pill cases is how you need your medications to be organized. Do you need them organized based on the time of day that you take your medications, or by day to make sure that you’re on track and not missing any of your daily prescriptions? Or do you just need a more aesthetic pill holder to keep all of the same medications without cluttering up your counter with an ugly prescription bottle?

Figuring out the answers to this question will determine whether you need a daily, weekly, or monthly pill planner for your purposes. 


Next, you should consider how you actually plan on using your box and decide whether it suits your purposes. For example, are you just looking for a pill box for around the home, or do you need one that you can take with you, be it to work or on a longer trip? Does it carry all of the pills you need, even if some of your medications are larger capsules? Is it easy to access your pills when you need them, or do you have to struggle with 

Portability is another key factor in functionality, especially if you’re going to be traveling often. Consider whether your pill organizer allows you to carry around your important medications with you and fits well into your bag or briefcase without weighing you down. If you’re going to be flying often, can you carry it through the airport without any issues?

Safety and security

You should also take a look at how your pills are secured once they are in your pouch. Are there safe zippers or clasps that won’t get jostled open as you’re moving around? If you are around kids, does your pill organizer have child-safe features that prevent them from getting into your medications? 


Finally, you should also choose a pill organizer that you actually like! This is important for more than just aesthetics: not only does having a nice-looking pill case on hand give you more ownership over your health and wellness, but it also lets you keep those pills out and in view so you never miss an important medication. 


Choosing a pill organizer is no longer just a matter of choosing the most sensible and organized option: thanks to Dosey, you can add your personality back to this important piece of your daily routine. Look for beautiful pill organizers that can carry around all of your important medications so you can prioritize yourself first and foremost. 

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