Finding The Right Pill Organizer

Finding The Right Pill Organizer

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Having a pill organizer is a necessity if you’re taking multiple medications. Not only does it make taking your medications easier, but it’s also essential for minimizing confusion and ensuring that you’ve taken all of your pills for the day! 

Here’s what you should keep in mind while shopping so you can find the perfect pill organizer for your unique routine. 

Key Considerations When Shopping For A Pill Organizer

Number of Medications

The first thing to consider as you’re shopping for a pill organizer is the number of pills that you have to take every day. The more medications you need, the more room and compartments you’ll need to keep everything organized! Having the right number of compartments for your day’s medications can ensure that you have everything you need at your fingertips without getting confused and missing or doubling up on a dose. 

Make sure that the pill organizer you choose has more than enough room for all of your day’s pills and capsules, paying extra attention to size if your medications are larger than others. If you’re unsure, err on the side of “bigger”: you don’t want to have to leave out one of your pills and risk missing a medication because you chose a smaller size than what you need. 

Frequency and timing of medications

After you’ve determined the number of medications and supplements that you take on a regular basis, you should then consider the frequency that you have to take them, as well as the time of day that you’re going to be using them. This is one of the most important considerations for buying a pill organizer since this will guide your shopping. If you have a couple of medications that you take every day and you are on the go, you’ll probably want a smaller weekly or biweekly pill organizer that’s light enough to take along with you. On the other hand, if you have a ton of different medications with various instructions, you might be more organized with a larger monthly option. 


Because taking your medications on time is extremely important, it’s also worth considering whether or not your pill organizer should be portable. 

This is important for more than just longer trips — having a portable pill case is just as important if you’re going to be out and about during your busy day to ensure that you never miss a crucial medication! Depending on your needs, look for either a smaller carrying case that you can keep your day’s pills in or a larger organizer that’ll let you sort your medications by day and/or time of day. 


Accessibility is crucial for accessing pills, especially if you’re someone with physical disabilities or limited dexterity. Look for pill organizers that are easy for you to sort through and open so that you can easily grab your medications whenever you need them. Some good features include easy-open zippers, tactile labels, and large compartments. 

Organization features

Finally, you’ll want to make sure that the pill organizer you choose is designed to organize pills based on your personal needs. 

Look for containers with enough compartments, whether you’re using them daily, weekly, or monthly. It’s also extremely helpful to use a pill organizer that is labeled by the day that you need to take them. This ensures that you don’t accidentally miss a dose or take more than one. Finally, if you normally divide your medications into morning and nighttime groups, look for an organizer that will help you easily distinguish between the two. 

Best Pill Organizers from Dosey

The Dosey Kit

Cute, functional organization doesn’t get any better than this! The signature Dosey Kit has everything you need to create the perfect daily pill routine, all in a gorgeously well-designed package. Sort your pills in the Easy Slide Pill Pouches and slip them all into your Pill Case. Then, when you’re out and about but need to keep your important meds on hand, just slide the Pill Pouch of the day into your Wellness Wallet, slip it into the sleek and chic Wellness Bag, and go forth in style and wellness. 

Monthly or Multi Dose Pill Kit

For a do-it-all organizer that’ll keep you on track all month long, consider the Monthly/Multi-Dose Pill Kit from Dosey. This beautiful organizing tool lets you sort 28 total pill pouches, which is perfect for organizing medications for a month or for sorting multiple doses. This set comes in gorgeous colors like Dusty Pink, Black, Sage, Lilac, and Latte that you can choose based on your tastes. It also includes a total of 28 pill pouches and a set of Daily Dose Stickers to help make sure you never miss an important dose. 

14-Day or AM PM Pill Purse

14 day pill organizer

Do you like the simple convenience of those plastic compartmentalized pill organizers but hate the way that they look? Are you looking for something a little more chic and portable? Look no further than the 14-Day Pill Purse! This simple but elegant pill purse is made with vegan leather and allows you to sort your pills by day or by morning/evening doses. It also holds up to fourteen Pill Pouches, which is perfect for fortnight trips or weekly organizing that requires two separate dosing times. The best part: after you close up your purse, you can also use the large zip pocket to slip in your prescriptions and other necessities that you’ll need for the day. 

Daily Dose Sticker Set

No good pill organizer is complete without labels to keep all of your medications in order! These Daily Dose Stickers not only help you keep track of the days of the week that your medications are made for, but they also have labels for up to four doses if you need to take more than one dose a day. They work perfectly with the Easy Slide Pill Pouch Packs to keep your medications organized exactly to your own specifications. 


Using a pill organizer is more than just a convenience: if you’re taking any number of important medications that you can’t miss a dose of, they’re an organizational necessity. With Dosey’s high-quality pill cases that are just as beautiful as they are functional, your medications can become a seamless part of your routine. 

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