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The Best Pill Organizers For All Of Your Medication Organization Needs

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Keeping track of all of your pills and medications can be a daunting task, especially if you have more than one prescription to keep track of. If you’re also adding OTC medications and supplements into the mix, it can be downright overwhelming. 

Luckily, Dosey has several functional and attractive pill organizers that can help you stay on top of all of your important pills and capsules. Here are some of the best pill organizers for every medication, prescription, and supplement you need. 

For easy, daily organization: Daily Kit

This chic kit is the perfect solution for keeping all of your daily pills organized and conveniently on hand whether you’re at home or out and about! Organize your week’s medications in the included Pill Case, which holds seven Easy Slide Pill Pouches that can be labeled with the Daily Sticker Set so you can keep track of which is which. Then, if you’re on the go, slip the day’s Easy Slide Pill Pouch into your Wellness Wallet so that you can take your daily meds along with you no matter where the day takes you.

For a full week’s medications: 7-Day Pill Purse + Pill Pouches

Forget those clunky plastic compartmentalized boxes that you’ve been using to keep your week’s pills organized — the 7-Day Pill Purse is a seriously attractive upgrade! This gorgeous Pill Purse is designed to hold a full seven days’ worth of pills, each organized into individual Pill Pouches. Slip each pouch into its designated pouch loop engraved with the days of the week, then the entire purse folds up and zips up, making a beautiful and sleek purse that you can easily slip into a bag or briefcase. 

For a fortnight OR dividing your meds into morning and night: 14-Day or AM PM Pill Purse + Pill Pouches

Love the design of the Pill Purse but require a little more carrying power for your meds? Look no further than the 14 Day version! This Pill Purse was crafted with the same sleek design as its 7-day Version but holds a total of 14 Pill Pouches. It’s an ideal option for bringing your medication along with you for two weeks of travel, or for dividing your medications into morning and night for even more organizational prowess. 

For a month-long journey: Monthly Pill Kit

Whether you’re going on a longer trip or just want to organize your pills once a month, the Monthly Pill Kit makes it easy and attractive. This kit comes with the Pill Case Max and a grand total of 28 Pill Pouches and Bonus Stickers so you can keep an entire month’s worth of medications organized and on hand whenever you need to take them. 

For an attractive alternative to your prescription bottles: Pill Box

If you’re simply looking for a chicer way to keep your pills and prescriptions on hand, the Pill Box is a great option. This attractive Pill Box holds up to 15 pills and is cute and discreet enough to keep around your house. It's a great option for keeping a single particular medication or supplement, especially if you only need to take it every once in a while. 

For aesthetic organization while on the go: On-The-Go Pill Kit

Finally, if you’re looking for a medication organizer that fits right into your busy schedule, check all of your boxes with the On-The-Go Pill Kit! This set comes with everything you need to have your medications and necessities on hand no matter where you happen to be: the Wellness Bag, Wellness Wallet, Easy Slide Pill Pouch Pack, and The Flask for water. You’ll have all of your medications and water right where you need them, all in one super-stylish bag.

Benefits of using a pill organizer


Rather than digging around for your pills in the medicine cabinet every time it’s time to take one, you can easily arrange them so that they are all at your fingertips. This is especially important if your medications are time-dependent!

    Easier to keep track of.

    Taking all of your medications sounds simple enough, but it can be easy to lose track especially if you’re taking multiple. Using a pill organizer can give you a visual reminder to take your medications and indicate if you missed a dose. 

      More attractive.

      Finally, a good pill organizer is just more attractive than depending on your prescription pill bottles! This isn’t just an aesthetic benefit, either — having your pill organizer out on display rather than hidden away in a cabinet can help keep you on track.

        How to organize your medications

        Need more tips on wrangling all of those meds? Read on for our expert tips to keep all of those pills in order. 

        First, take inventory of all of your medications.

        Start with your prescription medications, then move on to any over-the-counter drugs and/or supplements that you’re using. Then, read your prescription instructions and dosage recommendations to determine how frequently you’re meant to take your pills, and how many you need to take for each dosage. 

        This is also a good time to go through any older medications you might have and dispose of them if they are expired or no longer necessary. 

        Sort your medications based on frequency.

        Next, you’ll want to get all of your pills properly sorted based on the frequency and times that you need to take them. Start with your daily medications, making sure that you have the correct dosage for each day. You may also need to divide your medications into morning and night if you have time-dependent prescriptions. Then consider your weekly and monthly medications and put them in the appropriate pill pouches/compartments. 


          Labeling your prescriptions has two benefits: it keeps everything organized and lets you know if you have missed a dose. Organize all of your medicines and supplements based on the day and/or time of day that you need to take them, and label them appropriately. 

          It might also help to keep a master list of all the medications that you take each day of the week so that you can verify whether or not you’ve missed any doses. This is especially helpful if you take different kinds of medications every day. 

          Create a routine and find ways to remind you to take them. 

            After your pills and organized and tucked away safely into their appropriate compartments in your organizer, all you have left is to find ways to make sure that they are integrated into your routine! For an easy reminder that’s always at your fingertips, set alarms on your phone or consider using an app that lets you distinguish which alarm is for which medication.

            Finally, make sure to set aside time every week/month to resort and organize your pills for the upcoming cycle. 


            Staying on top of all of your medications can be easier said than done, especially if you have multiple pills and capsules you need to take care of. Investing in a beautiful and practical pill organizer from Dosey can help you integrate those medications seamlessly into your routine. 

            Photo by Madison Agardi on Unsplash

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