7-Day Pill Compact

The 7-Day Pill Compact redefines the traditional pill box.

By herself, she is a classic beauty. Paired with the 7-Day Pill Compact Purse + Wrist Strap (not included), the trio are a showstopper. Shop the Trio HERE.

Suggested Pill Style: Weekly, up-to 8 pills daily.

+ Metallic gold + blush ABS

+ Seven internal sections

+ Mirror

+ Clip closure

+ 7in W x 3.2in D x 0.7in H

Dosey is designed to protect pills from light and moisture.

For optimal effect and quality, pills should be stored in a cool and dry place.

Always read the instructions for medication and vitamin storage.

TSA does not require passengers to have medications in prescription bottles, but states have individual laws regarding the labeling of prescription medication with which passengers need to comply.

30 Day Returns

Free US Shipping $35+

Cruelty Free & Reusable

Customer Reviews

Based on 2182 reviews

Great quality items .


Thank you great quality item.


Stunning little pouch and perfect to drop into my work bag and it not scream medication! It’s pretty, discreet and compact - fits everything I need to carry and extras

We're thrilled to hear that Dosey is blending seamlessly into your work bag while adding a touch of elegance! Pill Takers deserve pretty things, too..


Totally enjoy using this everyday. So much easier than going to each of my bottles.

We couldn't agree more! We love making things easier for you!


This is perfect!!!! Now I don’t have to search the bottom of my purse for a bag. I absolutely recommend this.

That's fantastic to hear! We're so glad Dosey has become your go-to solution for keeping things organized on the go. Thanks for the recommendation – we truly appreciate it!

Amanda (Shreveport, US)
Absolutely loving this entire brand!

I have had this case for a couple month and I absolutely love love love it! Even tho it’s the travel case I use it as my every day meds. I only take meds in the morning so I just fill up each pocket with about half a month worth of pills and leave it in my purse. It’s the perfect size too. Just throw it in your bag and go… I also like that I kinda use it as a wallet sometimes too depending on how full my purse is. Just stick my cards in there with some cash and I’m good to go. I love how the design is so high quality as well. The outside doesn’t peel and easy to wipe down. Cant wait to buy more!

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. We're thrilled to hear how Dosey become such an essential part of your daily routine, and we're delighted it's the perfect fit for you! It's like having your own stylish and functional assistant right in your purse!

Laura Loveard (Sydney, AU)
Such a pick-me-up

Love this, I get compliments all the time from friends and nurses. It's such a great little pick-me-up for taking boring, necessary daily meds

We're so glad to hear that you love Dosey! This is the reason why Dosey started in the first place! Pill Takers deserve pretty things, too..

Marianne Barrett (Melbourne, AU)
Mrs B

Great for travelling

It’s so good to know you have Dosey as your travel companion!


Perfect size for 8 tablets