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Love this product. Pretty, pristine, and easy to use.

Maybe not the most practical thing if you take a lot of medication.
Otherwise, beautiful, sleek and practical design.
Super convenient for travel also.

Worked great

Perfect for traveling

I got it and it’s perfect to use with my cases.

Love this product. Great quality

Wellness Wallet®
Lyn Coyle (Christchurch, NZ)
Finding solutions

I have changed from the weekly compact to the wallet as the pills all mixed up in the compact and it was frustrating even though I love the look of it . I wish there was a way to overcome that. The daily compartments need some kind of lid . The individual pouches should solve that problem for me . I love the look and the packaging and quality of Dosey products.

Perfect size

Easy Slide Pouch Pack
Joan R (Wollongong, AU)
Handy item

I purchased the Dosey pill container and I needed 2 weeks of pouches so I sent for them and they fit perfectly and all my medication is easy to find each day. Love the pretty box , it’s compact and is well made.

This is cute but not large enough for my pills sadly

Got these today and am loving the idea of which does and if it is am or pm....looking forward to less complications with my medications

Love these pouches as it makes it soooo much easier to see what I have to have and better than going through the bottles and taking them with me everywhere ☺️

Just got this today and really like how I am able to put the daily tablets in here that I need for the day when I'm working.... don't loose them now or miss any

Received this today and spent this afternoon getting it organised. Think I need another though just to help me keep me on track with having my tablets all planned out

This case is perfect, it fits everything in I need and the colour is beautiful 😍 and it doesn’t take up much room.

Easy Slide Pouch Pack
Stella-Rose Thomas (Pimpama, AU)
Medication case

Absolutely fantastic

Pill Case
Tracy Ahmed (Auckland, NZ)
Pill case

I absolutely love mine ❤️❤️

Travel Pill Case
Linda McCone (Auckland, NZ)

My dosey pill container is very suitable for keeping my meds in when I'm away from home. The single pouches i with the week labels make it very easy to use.

Pill Compact

I wanted to like this but it is cheaply made plastic that will break easily. Also please fix the problem with opening it. It’s so hard to open that I broke a nail opening it. Then tried to open it a second time and everything flew up and fell out. Very hard to open.

7-Day Compact + Purse
Miss Jodie Mitchell (Sydney, AU)
Love it

Thank you, love my new Dosey

Pill Compact
Sharon Goodman (Sydney, AU)
Nice product

Great for daily use and looks lovely as well

Easy Slide Pouch Pack
Jo (Auckland, NZ)
Beautifully organised!

I decided this year to make all daily routines as fun and pretty. Dosey's daily kit has been amazing! I have one for my bag (which is easily found) and another on my counter at home. Such a nice way display for storing my daily doses. Sure beats bottles and prescription packets lying around

We're so glad Dosey helps keep your daily essentials organized and beautifully displayed whether you're on the go or at home!

7-Day Compact + Purse
Krystal Purdie (Brisbane, AU)
Its very pretty

It’s very pretty and it doesn’t look like a typical pills container so just what I was looking for and big enough for a variety of pills every day. However I find it difficult to open with the opening difficult to locate if you don’t have great eye sight and the gap to open it is too small and need to use my nails to open it.

Great for travel and beautiful

7-Day Pill Purse
Sharon Dunn (Perth, AU)

Love having something pretty for my everyday tablets ❤️♥️

Wonderful! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Pill Takers deserve pretty things too..