5 Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Dosey Pill Organiser

5 Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Dosey Pill Organiser

Feb 26, 2023Dosey Pty Ltd International

 Pill organisers are not only a practical necessity for managing your medication, but they can also be a beautiful and stylish accessory. With a variety of beautiful options at Dosey, it's important to consider what features and design elements will work best for your personal style. Whether you're looking for a sophisticated 14-day, 7-day or daily pill organiser, there are plenty of luxurious options within Dosey. In this post, we'll explore five important things to consider before purchasing a Dosey pill organiser to ensure you find the perfect luxury accessory to fit your needs and style.

How Often Do You Use Your Pill Organiser? 

The frequency with which you take medication is an essential factor to consider when selecting a pill organiser. Dosey has a solution for nearly every pill taker. The Pill Case and Pill Case Max store your bulk meds at home in up to a month supply at a time. The Wellness Wallet is used to grab the relevant Easy Slide Pill Pouches for that day and take with you. For pill takers with less on their plate, the 7-day Pill Purse can store a week’s worth of pills for easy and stylish meds on the go. The 14-day Pill Purse can also double as a 7-day AM/PM solution. Dosey offers a range of pill organisers to suit all requirements.

Choosing The Right Style.

Another important consideration is the style of the pill organiser. Pill organisers come in various colours and designs, so you should choose one that suits your personal preferences. If you want a pill organiser that's easy to carry around with you, a travel pill organiser is the best choice. No matter which size suits your needs best, all Dosey pill organisers come with clear Pill Pouches that make it easy to see what pills you have taken and what you still need to take.

How Many Pills Do You Need to store?

The number of pills you need to store is another crucial factor to consider. A pill organiser that has enough compartments for all of your medication is essential. Some pill organisers are designed to store only a few pills, while others can hold multiple pills in each compartment. Dosey's pill organisers come in a range of sizes to meet all requirements. The 7-Day Pill Purse is designed for once a day Pill Takers and each Pill Pouch holds up-to 10 tablets (depending on the size). The Wellness Wallet holds up-to 4 Easy Slide Pill Pouches and each pouch can hold up-to 30 tablets. Or if you only need a few pills each day, the Pill Box maybe the perfect fit.

A Pill Organiser that matches you.

For people with disabilities or limited dexterity, pill organisers that use the Easy Slide Pill Pouches are best. Dosey’s pill organisers have clear Pill Pouches, making it easy to identify your medication. Additionally, Dosey offers a Pill Box that makes it easier to access pills for individuals with limited dexterity.

Additional Compartments for your Pill Organiser.

Finally, consider whether you need additional compartments for other items such as medical supplies or prescriptions. The Dosey Pill Purse collection has additional zip pockets, making them perfect for travel.


In conclusion, selecting the right pill organiser is crucial for managing your medication effectively. Consider the frequency with which you take medication, the style and design of the pill organiser, the number of pills you need to store, and any additional compartments you require. 

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